Citi Bike Expansion Begins in August

The first new wave of stations in Citi Bike’s planned scale-up will hit the streets in early August. Motivate, the company that operates Citi…

Vintage Purse

Did a Bike Basket Eat My Purse?

You know that horrible, panic-inducing moment when, having stepped off the subway, exited a restaurant or walked 7 blocks from the gym, you discover…

Bicycle Commuter NYC

NYC Bicycle Commuting Rises to Highest Level

The city transportation department announced this week that NYC bicycle commuting rose 4 percent in 2014 over the previous year to an all-time high….

London Underline Cycling Path

London Underline: Subterranean Bike Lanes Proposed

A London architectural firm may be giving new meaning to “protected bike lanes” with a concept that envisions turning abandoned subway tunnels into sustainable,…


Bike Helmet Warns of Collision Danger

Imagine your bicycle helmet warning you of the danger of a collision with an approaching vehicle. As GPS plots the possibility of a crash,…


The Best of City Cycling Celebs and Culture 2014

Posts on velojoy about cycling celebs, including song-writer Pharrell Williams, fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and actress Charlotte Le Bon, were among your favorites last…