Susi Wunsch is a NYC-based freelance writer and passionate city and road cyclist. She has written about cycling for a variety of publications including Momentum Magazine, Bicycling Magazine, Refinery29.com and Avenue. For daily bicycling around town Susi rides a black Kona Dew Drop. When the occasion calls for a skirt and fancy footwear, she rides a midnight-blue Pashley Britannia (right) or a Citi Bike. Her weekend ride is Serotta Ottrott SE road bike. Susi proudly supports Transportation Alternatives, New York City’s leading advocates for bicycling and safe streets, as well as efforts to promote women’s cycling for transportation and sport.  LinkedIn.

Photo credit: Dmitry Gudkov

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Everything in New York City is big and vibrant, including a bicycling scene that’s growing as more people make two-wheel transportation a part of their daily lives. Riding a bicycle here is an everyday adventure, a revelation of style and street-smart strategies, and a much-discussed topic as cycling rolls toward full integration into the urban transportation system.

I love it all — and that inspires my focus on engaging people in the joys of using a bicycle for transportation and fun. velojoy is updated 2 – 3 times per week during the cycling season. You’ll find posts about the practical topics that you care about, like hauling stuff around with ease, worry-free all-weather riding, safe-riding techniques, keeping it social and looking great on the road, plus inspiring profiles of New York City cyclists.

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