Public Bicycles, whose frame and component color choices have been called “lickable,” has introduced a new food-inspired hue: Avocado.  

This one’s right on trend, culinarily speaking, since the fruit is a current darling of the smoothy and juicing sets. No offense to this healthy, nutrient-dense food, but we still remember (and some homeowners would probably like to forget) the last time that swaths of steel were subjected to this shade of green. That would have been in late-1960s and ‘70s-era kitchen appliance suites. Can you say gut job?

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Like much of what comes and goes in fashion, Public’s color selection for its city-ready V7i, a handsome, unisex, internally geared 7-speed — with matching double-walled alloy rims — might be considered simultaneously retro and entirely new. The introductory online price is $679.

Stylish clothing brand Carven seems partial to the hue in its spring collection, too. This printed shirt dress will fit right in with your retro appliances.

Photo: Carven

But to fully get your guacamole on, may we suggest further accessorizing with the leather (sorry, not vegan) backpack below?

Avocado Leather Backpack

Photo: Etsy

We wonder: Can that other ‘70s sweetheart of the appliance world, Harvest Gold, be far behind as a bicycle frame color? Probably not, considering what the suggestion of waves of grain might mean to the gluten-free.


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