Aren’t we all a little bit in love with red bicycles? In anticipation of warm spring days, what would make a more thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift? Just in general, though, our hearts go pitter-patter for cycling accessories and gear in rich reds and Pop-inspired pinks. So we’ve pulled together our most stylish favorites. They range from the whimsical to the practical, so you can play Bike Cupid with abandon.

Top: Brooklyn Cruiser Bicycle (exclusive to MOMA Store), $580

  • Martone Cycling Ron Dorff Sweat Shirt, $135

  • GiveLoveCycle Pendant, $45

  • Fancy Cycling, 1901: An Edwardian Guide, $14.95

  • Cruiser Candy Blinged Bike Bell, $14.99

  • Vespertine NYC Riding Dress with reflective thread for night safety, $210 (pre-order)

  • Bookman USB Recharbeable Bike Light Set, $49

  • Rapha Essentials Case, $65

  • Ten Speed Hero Emblem T Shirt, $25

  • Sawako Furuno Eye Candy Helmet, $150

2 Responses to Sweetest Valentine’s Day Gifts for Bike Lovers

  1. [...], has some cute ideas and put them into a gift guide. [...]

  2. Jay says:

    I hope $135 for a sweatshirt is a typo

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