Bike share is all about spontaneity. The ability to undock a bicycle on a whim is a big part of this transportation option’s popularity. So, don’t let a pile of snow on the saddle interfere with that convenience. The following alternative to, say, fishing in your purse for tissues or digging discarded newspapers out of the trash, will get your ride off to a dry start:

Wrap a few cotton bandanas — the kind you buy at a dollar store — in sandwich bags (above) and store them with your rain gear.  When the weather turns sloppy, tuck one or more of these little packets (below) into your bag for use in wiping snow or rain drops from the saddle, grips and front rack before steering into the bike lane. Sealing the wet bandana back into plastic protects your purse, bag or pocket from moisture.

Here in New York, Citi Bike is open for business all winter. Workers will be deployed to help keep stations free of ice and snow. But the whole point of public bike rental is rapid turnover, so when snow days come our way and the white stuff piles up, it’s best to be prepared.

Wrapped bandanas

Photos: velojoy

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