Shutdowns Due to Severe Weather Possible, Safety Decides

In case you’ve been wondering, Citi Bike will be here for you all winter. While some smaller bike share systems, such as Hubway in Boston, close down as the cycling season winds down, Citi Bike riders can count on the sturdy blue bikes for daily transportation, as well as for their holiday rounds. [Update: The City of Cambridge announced a pilot program to continue operation of its Hubway stations through the winter. Read more.]

As the largest bike share system in North America enters its first cold-weather season, its more than 90,000 annual members as well as casual users will continue to enjoy 24/7 access, according to Citi Bike’s latest newsletter to members. At current capacity, the system comprises 6,000 bikes at 332 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

SIGN UP NOW: Text Citibike9 to 55155 to receive alerts in case of weather-based shut-downs.

Extreme weather leading to deterioration of road and cycling conditions could trigger temporary shut-downs of the system or the need to move bikes. Safety is a critical factor, according to NYC Bike Share, which operates the Citi Bike system.

In the event of a shut-down due to weather, Citi Bike members will be alerted via e-mail. Notifications also will go out via twitter, facebook, SMS and additional channels.

So, to paraphrase the motto attributed to Herodotus: Neither rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these Citi Bikes from their appointed rounds. But a blizzard? Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Citi Bike: The Winter Plan

  1. Jeanne Cronin says:

    In an up-date to the notice above Cambridge MA has recently announced that the Hubway Bike Share operation will continue year round in a pilot program (in this city), weather and road conditions permitting.

    • Susi says:

      Jeanne, thanks for reading and for this update, which has been added to the post. This is great news — interested to hear how the pilot program works out.

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