Riding a bike is a great way to shuttle between parties and navigate around traffic, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. With the Times Square ball drop just days away, and the celebratory mood shifting into high gear for the weekend, our focus today is on BYOBB – Bring Your Own Bottle(s) By Bicycle.

If the festivities you plan to attend call for a contribution of spirits, either as a token of entry or as a gift for the host or hostess, there’s no reason to worry that bottle of rich Malbec or a six pack of hoppy regional beer will break or explode en route when you travel by bicycle. Here are a few easy hints for safe travels all around:

Bubble Wrap is Your Friend – You’ve probably got a few lengths of this pillowy material left over from holiday packages. Wrap it around your bottles, then line your basket, pannier or backpack with a towel or blanket for shock absorption (photo above). If your offerings are presents, gift-wrap them first. When you arrive, remove the protective outer layer, and save it for the next occasion.

Carry On – Fortunately, the bike and beverage worlds are linked not only through everyday activities, but also through a few choice devices designed to help transport festive cheer on your bicycle. For example: leather fittings to carry wine on a bike, or to suspend a six-pack from the top tube. These hand-crafted holders are eye-catchers in the bike lane, too. Check the slide show below for stylish carrier options.

Avoid a Carbonation Explosion – Although it may not seem like it, road buzz can exert the same effect as you get from shaking a soda can. So let bottles of carbonated beverages ‘rest’ for a while before opening. For instructions on popping a cork without spilling precious bubbly, click on this video.

Keep a Cork In It – Consuming alcoholic beverages or carrying open containers in public is against the law in New York City.  So keep the top screwed onto your flask and the cork in your bottle.

Smart Alternatives to BUI – Biking while under the influence is just a bad idea. An NYC health department study of  blood alcohol levels in cyclists killed in accidents between 1996 and 2005 found that a significant number had drunk before biking. So, if  you find yourself over your limit on New Year’s Eve, make the intelligent choice and stay off the road. Abundant transit options are, after all, one more advantage of living in our great city. Lock up your steed in a well-lit spot and walk, take public transportation or hale a taxi.

Have JOYous and safe New Year’s Eve celebration!

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is by NYC bicycle commuter Julie I. May, with additional reporting by our staff. Also read Julie’s recent post about exploring Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn by bike.

Top photo: velojoy

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  • Walnut Studiolo Leather 6-pack Frame Cinch (and Bike Polo Mallet Holder), $24

  • Basil Bottle Basket, $36

  • Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack in leather with brass fittings, $34

  • Bobbin Straw Pannier, $99

  • On-board flask carriers abound. Elegant example: under-saddle holder on a custom-built porteur.

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