Cloak and Dagger BoutiqueOn a ride over the weekend, the sight of this leopard-print bike helmet in the window of an East Village boutique caused me to squeeze my brakes and pull over. The shop, Cloak & Dagger, run by stylist and fashion designer Brookelynn Starnes, stocks these protective lids by Tokyo-born architect Sawako Furuno in four different styles – leopard, black and brown embossed faux croc and a “Sherlock” check.

Even more pleasing than the stylish design of this head gear (note the motor cycle-inspired demi visor), is its presence in a shop devoted to hip frocks from labels like Lauren Moffatt, Kymerah and Myne. Despite their status as the sole cycling-related objects in this cozy outpost, the helmets fit in seamlessly with other accessories — sunglasses, shoes, handbags — conveying the subtext that, of course, cycling is an ordinary part of a city woman’s life. Not surprisingly, Starnes rides a bicycle, as do many of her customers, both at her Manhattan and Brooklyn locations.

Cloak & Dagger, 441 E. 9th St., Sawako Furuno Bicycle Helmet, one size, adjustable fit, $198


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  2. We are sooo proud to see our helmets in such a cool NY shop window. It is a great example that cycling gear can be totally fashionable… Thank you Cloak And Dagger and Velojoy!

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