Ponytail is the universal language of hair management for women who wear bicycle helmets. It’s the go-to solution to keep tresses streamlined and out of the way, whether on the open road or in a city bike lane. A thoughtful new helmet feature from Specialized, the cleverly named Hairport, gives ponytails their due.

In a nod to women-specific needs, the Hairport opens a more generous space than is found on typical bicycle helmets between the shell and the adjustable plastic strap that controls the fit of the helmet on the crown of the head. I wore the 2013 Specialized Andorra (my humble ponytail above!) on a group ride around the Central Park Loop last week presented by Specialized Women.

The ponytail rides high, which looks great from the side, and, for women with longer locks, keeps hair off the neck for a cooler ride. The fixed, wide ear loops with a single strap adjustment are a plus.

Find the Hairport on the models below. The feature will be rolled out to additional women’s helmets beginning in summer of 2013, according to Specialized.

Specialized Trail Helmet

Specialized Andorra mountain helmet with integrated visor, black/pink (shown) and white/teal, $75

Specialized Bicycle Helmet

Specialized Aspire road helmet, red (shown), charcoal/purple, white, $65

4 Responses to Ponytails Ride High On New Women’s Bike Helmets

  1. Maureen says:

    Your pony tails always look chic and fabulous! Great idea for a helmet, I’ll definitely be looking for a Hairport, in the white and teal option!

  2. MJ says:

    Help! I need a bike helmet with a ponytail port…but, where can I find a red one, or red/white or red/black?…I don’t care for the wimpy pastel colors. Girls like red, too. I have been looking for two months…

    • Susi says:

      MJ, thanks for reading. In the absence of a red or black Hairport-equipped helmet, have you considered plain white? Not as fun, I know, but neutral and versatile, at least. Both the Specialized women’s Aspire and the Propero II offer that option. It’s the one I prefer for keeping cool in summer and staying visible. When not wearing my Hairport helmet, I fasten my ponytail as low to the neck as possible for helmet clearance, which I assume is what you’re doing right now. We need more helmets with thoughtful features for women, don’t we? :)

  3. […] aspire helmet had hair management sorted! The pony-tail sat high streamlined through the hairport (read more) on my helmet. If you’re a sweaty rider, you’d love this as it keeps your hair off your […]

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