Are you an over-loader of bicycles? I am. To my way of thinking, there’s always room for more in a bike basket or on a rear-mounted rack: an extra pair of shoes, the morning paper that I didn’t get to finish reading, a bag of plums from the vendor on the corner — all wedged amid purse and laptop.

I guess that’s why I admire cyclists who follow a more minimalist and buttoned-up path to transporting cargo. Not long ago, for example, I encountered a friend who carries his lunch on the small front rack of his bicycle — just a rectangular plastic box held in place with a spare toe clip strap.

Small racks like the one above typically serve as support platforms for the bottoms of baskets or handlebar bags. Thus, my friend’s little cargo box seemed extravagant in its simplicity. It’s recreated here, using an eco-friendly stainless steel container and leather strap in the retro spirit of custom fittings seen, for example, on classic French randonneurs. The companion accessories below make it easy to transport lunch on a bike in streamlined style.

Top photo: Tiffin Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box, $21.95

Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag, $8.98

 Klean Kanteen Reflect 27-ounce stainless water bottle, $32.95

Velo Orange Retro Cage MK II with tab, $18

3 Responses to 4 Streamlined Accessories for Carrying Lunch on a Bike

  1. Jon says:

    I love the black rack pictured in the top photo that’s carrying the lunch box! Where can I find a rack like that?

  2. Peter Eliot says:

    I wonder if these would make a nice package for my wife’s birthday

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