Today’s curator, Eva Mohr, blogs about cycling, street fashion and travel at AllThatIWant.

I am an everyday cyclist. I commute to work, ride my bike out at night, shop for groceries by bicycle and cruise with friends around the city. I ride in dresses and skirts because they make me feel beautiful.

When it comes to cycling fashion, my basic philosophy is: wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and safe. Still, over time, I’ve found that some styles work better than others:

  • Knee-length or shorter (depending on your confidence level!) helps prevent fabric from getting tangled in the spokes. European-style bicycles that come with skirt guards provide additional protection.
  • A-shaped dresses and skirts always work, because they don’t creep up while riding.
  • To wear a maxi dress on a bicycle, gather the fabric from below the knee into a side knot above the knee. This allows you to pedal safely and without encumbrance.
  • Skirt garters  designed for cycling can help keep panty flash in check when the wind picks up.

Here are a few of my favorite “summer in the city” styles, chosen with practicality, angle of knees when pedaling and mounting and dismounting in mind:

Top photo: here

  • Emily and Fin "Too Much Fun Dress in Bubbles", $79.99

  • Etrican Star Print Skater Dress, $45

  • Anthropologie Rolo Crossback Dress, $118.00

  • AFIA 70's Runner Shorts - Turquoise Warrior, $80

  • BOBI Supreme Jersey Romper, $57

  • Nasty Gal Sweet Blossom Romper, $38

4 Responses to Breezy! Dresses and Skirts for Summer Cycling in the City

  1. Janice Dougherty says:

    I am 62, and haven’t ridden in a dress yet. I used to ride a motorcycle in a shirt dress and stacked heel sandals – but that was a long time ago, and I usually wore shorts underneath, because on a motorcycle, there’s nothing but blow back. The skirt thing causes heads to turn even walking on the sidewalk, so on a bike, it’s extra cycle chic/shriek. You go girl!

    • Susi says:

      Janice, skirts and stacked heels on a motorcycle! YOU go girl! Thanks for reading and for your comment. In case you decide to opt for a dress on a bike, please watch for our upcoming post on solutions to the panty-flash problem :)

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