So high is our level of anticipation for New York City’s own bike share system that our discovery of a Capital Bike Share station a few blocks from the venue of the inaugural National Women Cycling Forum in Washington DC this week was the bike nerd equivalent of bumping into a celebrity at a restaurant. We snapped photos, we scrutinized the check-out instructions at the kiosk, we watched local citizens return bikes to the station.

After the forum concluded, we returned to the station to take a quick spin. It was simple. We used our credit cards to purchase a one-day pass for $7. The kiosk printed out a PIN code that we punched into the docking station to release the bikes. We road our sturdy, 3-speed steeds via the Washington Mall to the Tidal Basin where — lucky us! — the fabled¬† cherry trees that line the waterfront were in full and voluptuous bloom. Get ready for bike share NYC!


Capital Bike Share

The Capital Bike Share kiosk; for visitors, renting a bike with a credit card was easy.

Tidal Basin Washington DC

During a pause at the Tidal Basin, we also chatted with fellow bike share users (left).

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC

Warm weather brought an early and magificent bloom to Washington's cherry trees.

Top: Julie of Adeline Adeline bike shop in NYC checks her receipt at the bike share kiosk. photos: velojoy

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3 Responses to taking capital bike share for a spin in washington

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  2. Peter Wunsch says:

    The bikes even look great. How do they handle? Has there been any vandalism? Is the kiosk easy? In London the kiosks are a problem

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