Hey, there’s more to red than you may know. As an evolutionary artifact, red signals physical fitness that attracts potential mates. You’re probably already covered on that front because regular cycling keeps you in great shape. But psychologists have also found that red clothing draws higher marks on attractiveness in both sexes compared with other colors. So, maybe it’s not way out there to speculate on how adding (or giving!) a hint of red on Valentine’s Day could enhance your love life…

YOU COULD WIN a sweet polka dot helmet from Nutcase by sharing your (secret) bike crush on the velojoy facebook page. Just look to the right and CLICK!

1. Public Farmers Market Twin Pannier, $80

2. Bike stamp, $4.95

3. Knog Love/Hate Cycling Gloves, $32.95

4. Chrome Buran Laptop Bag, $155

5. Walz Cycling Cap, $17.99

6. Electra Gypsy Saddle with Springs, $59.99

7. Pashley Britannia Bicycle, $1,295

8. Juicy Couture Bike Charm, $58

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