In this video post, meet Sherry, a devoted cyclist who has been riding her bike to work, all year round, for the past five years. At 51 years old Sherry watched as two of her friends fell ill. Sherry decided that she needed to change her lifestyle. She bought her first folding bike, determined to start commuting to work. Although she says improving her fitness rather than weight loss was her goal, Sherry dropped 80 pounds.  Now happy and healthy — and on her second bike — she has been riding to work from Park Slope to the Upper East Side every day and is in love with her cycling routine. (Video after the jump.)

Editor’s note: Sherry’s story was filmed by Genevieve Walker, the newest contributor to our growing team. Genevieve is a passionate city cyclist and a talented writer and artist, currently at work on a master’s degree in magazine writing at New York University. We plan to fully exploit her fondness for creating beautifully illustrated maps.

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2 Responses to pedaling to better health on a folding bicycle

  1. Maureen says:

    What an uplifting post! I loved reading about Sherry, as well as seeing a bit of her ride through her eyes on the video. How fabulous that in the process of biking to feel well, she became in love with cycling and lost 80 pounds! Kudos to her! TFS!

  2. Wow, amazing story and bravo to Sherry! I wonder how many city folks will shed weight like that once the bike rental program goes into effect. Does she ride to work in the dead of winter with snow on the ground?

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