Could city cycling look any more glamorous? Fashion designer Phillip Lim has launched his fall/winter 2011 collection of luxurious day and evening looks with a short film entitled Girls on Bikes. This paean to stylish and care-free urban transportation, directed by Andrew Paynter, captures scenes of three models riding through the streets of San Francisco on Linus bikes to the beat of a soundtrack by Kraftwerk.

Given fashion’s love affair with cycling, Lim isn’t the first designer to fall for the flirty flutter of a silk blouse or the subtle flare of a perfectly tailored  jacket vent as revealed in the soft breeze of a city ride. All that’s needed to complete this pretty picture? Helmets to protect the models’ beautiful heads.

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5 Responses to style in motion: phillip lim’s ‘girls on bikes’ film

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  2. Julie Hardee says:

    Yep- A rep from Linus emailed me this and the helmet-less-ness was screaming at me. ;(

  3. paul says:

    Who needs a helmet when you are so breathtaking you can stop traffic?

  4. Kim Burgas says:

    Very nice! And yes, couldn’t agree more re: helmets.

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