Ever since I posted a velojoy street scene photo of a city cyclist riding a bright orange bicycle accessorized with glossy orange panniers, this color has been on my mind. I’m hardly alone: The sunny hue is one of the hottest fashion trends for summer.

Someone must have been reading my mind, because a sweet animation that cleverly captures the carefree fun of summer riding, Orange, from Language Department and Meghan Eplett for Kate Spade, recently landed in my inbox and made me smile.

Orange from Language Dept. on Vimeo.

All this craving for citrus led me to an online shopping expedition, where I discovered a bumper crop of ten fresh city cycling accessories in orange:

Pryme Bicycle Helmet - Tangerine


Pryme 8 V2 Lite Bicycle Helmet, Tangerine, $19.99


Cruiser Candy Flower Bell

Cruiser Candy Flower Bling Bike Bell, $12.99

Casarona on Etsy Bike Basket Liner

Casrona on Etsy Orange with Dots Bike Basket Liner, $32


Topshop - Orange Plastic Navigator Sunglasses

Topshop Orange Plastic Navigator Sunglasses, $38

Yepp MIni Child Seat

Yepp Mini Children’s Bike Seat, $139.99Vivienne Westwood MAN

Vivienne Westwood MAN Trainer High Top, $380

Velo Orange Bicyle Fenders

Velo Orange Hammered 45 mm Fenders 700c, $60 each

knog frog strobe

Knog Frog Strobe Bicycle Light, $17.95 each

Child's Bicycle T-Shirt - alittlelark on Etsy

alittlelark on Etsy Children’s Bike Shirt, $28

Basil Memories Bottle Basket

Basil Memories Bottle Basket, $27.99


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5 Responses to orange you glad? cycling gear in citrusy hues

  1. Dr M says:

    This make safety sense not just fashion sense. I sport a loud pink helmet if I’m wearing a dark kit or attire. I’m not that crazy about orange and this post hasn’t changed my mind on that. All the same BRIGHT is RIGHT on your bike.

  2. Jamie says:

    I LOVE ORANGE, and all things ORANGE!!!!
    You had an orange schwinn when you were little, no????
    Miss you!

    • velojoy says:

      Jamie, thanks for your comment. And YOU had a yellow Schwinn Varsity. That means I’ll have to post yellow accessories next!

  3. Maureen says:

    Bright oranges and pinks are cheery and popular right now in many things. Orange reminds me of the Dutch, and therefore cycling!

  4. […] onto the bike more. Riding with a friend and talking about how to get more people riding led to a video for Kate Spade, which led to meeting Sarai Snyder, which led to CycloFemme, which led to velojoy and much more. […]

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