Two New York City artists have teamed up to create what may be the ultimate e-bike.

Olek, the fiber artist known for her crocheted bicycle street art, and new media artist Devan Harlan collaborate on a trippy sculpture in which vibrant images of crochet work and geometric patterns pulse across a plaster-covered, ready-made bicycle.

The video clip below captures the hypnotic quality of the patterns and shapes, some fragmentary, others whole, that animate their Suffolk Bicycle Sculpture, I.

“Olek’s work is covering objects with crochet and mine is covering objects with video, so it’s combining those two practices,” Harlan said, as he fine-tuned the installation at the New York Studio Gallery in Manhattan on Thursday. The show runs through March 12, 2011 at 154 Stanton Street.

Olek + Devan Harlan: Suffolk Deluxe Electric Bicycle, I from velojoy on Vimeo.

Harlan’s technologically sophisticated use of real-time 3D and projection mapping to cover surfaces blends with the “physicality” of the hand-crafted, camouflaged objects for which Olek is known.

As I viewed the sculpture in the darkened gallery, the riot of color and pattern, moving independently across the wheels, frame geometry, chainrings, pedals and handlebars on both sides of the bike, conveyed the happy sensation of motion and dynamism that I associate with cycling.

Crocheted Street Bicycle - Olek

Olek's crocheted bike parked outside the New York Studio Gallery reflects the inspiration for "Electric Bicycle."

photos: velojoy

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  1. Dev Harlan says:

    Hey Susi,
    Thanks for the great writeup! Thought you’d like to know we’ve posted a new video of the final install, check it out here:


  2. […] posted several times on sightings of yarn-bombing artist Olek’s crochet-covered bicycles, which she regularly locks to sign posts around NYC. This week, while riding the Hudson River […]

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