Question: What could be more rewarding after your winter ride than the steamy-dreamy espresso hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow (above) from City Bakery?

Answer: How about a 15-percent discount just for being a cyclist in New York City?

I learned about this sweet deal, for purchases at both City Bakery and Birdbath Neighborhood Green Bakeries, after hitting the brakes at 3 West 18th Street, drawn like a moth to a flame by the 19th Annual Hot Chocolate Festival poster in the City Bakery window. 

And it wasn’t like I had to know a secret handshake or anything; the clerk at the register simply took note of my helmet as I approached with my tray of goodies.

“Oh, you ride a bike,” she said. “You get a discount.”

What a nice surprise. While I often — and equally gratefully — save a few bucks at my neighborhood bike shop with a membership card in a cycling club or advocacy group, cocoa and cookies is a new one on me. City Bakery’s bike-friendly philosophy emerges from a green business model that includes bicycle-powered delivery rickshaws.

Meanwhile, the dark days of February take on a more cheerful meaning when applied to a whole calendar of hot chocolate flavors. Fellow chocoholics rejoice!

Hot Chocolate Festival - City Bakery NYC

top photo: velojoy

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4 Responses to sweet reward for riding a bike in new york city

  1. Jon says:

    At the the city’s best eatery!! What could be better?

  2. Urban Gardens says:

    Fantastic photo of that totally alluring winter warm drink! And thanks for making us aware of the discount. Can always find great little secrets this blog–from interesting finds (I bought the Public bike you posted here!) to great deals. Thanks for providing such great stuff!

  3. Michelle says:

    Do they give discounts to NYC winter pedestrians?? If not, I may just have to take up winter biking – just for the cocao!!

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