New York Magazine recently plotted this Pony Pal bike on the “despicable” end of its weekly back-page Approval Matrix. Invective hurled at an object with a soft and silky synthetic mane? And what of the editors’ lack of reverence for historical precedent? The forerunner of the modern bicycle, the velocipede, was after all envisioned as a mechanical horse. Miniature versions, sometimes adorned with carved horse heads, were popular among toddlers of privilege in the mid-19th century.

Ah, perhaps privilege, or the slippery slope of entitlement, is the real root of New York Magazine’s disdain. What begins innocently enough with a 12-in. Pony Pal (above) for $199.99 from Chick’s Discount Saddlery could end in adulthood with an unbridled urge to slap down a credit card for a $9,500 Fendi Abici Amante Donna bicycle fitted with hand-stitched, custom saddlebags and a pony-embossed train case. It’s a fate that’s probably befallen more than a few men and women possessed of soft and silky synthetic manes and over-sized wallets.


Despite my abiding respect for bicycling history, I guess I’ll have to join the naysayers: Parents of young children, stash an Early Rider — the hip wooden version of a velocipede — and a couple of magical My Little Pony figures under the Christmas tree and call it a day.

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2 Responses to should you buy this pony bike for your child?

  1. Where do you find such cool things?! I love the pony bike…might get kids to be active who otherwise would not? But spending that much on a designer Fendi bike…that ofFends me…

  2. Maureen says:

    I don’t know…not a fan of the pony bike. If my guys were still young, they wouldn’t find it under the tree.

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