This engaging mixed media installation Drawing #1 (To Your Heart’s Content) by Australian artist Joseph L. Griffins reminds me of the Spirograph I used to love playing with as a kid. Here, pedaling the stationary bike activates “arms” fitted with markers, creating a colorful, original work of art. On his website, Griffins says his projects “seek to transcribe the living relationship between man and machine.” Makes it fun to speculate what the creative output might look like from a spin studio full of these at Equinox or SoulCycle.

(via Swiss Miss)

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2 Responses to watts it to you? an artistic spin on studio cycling

  1. This is a pretty cool find! I have seen systems that run on the power generated by a bike, like like this bike-powered water pump and corn mill:
    …but the idea of creating art from cycling is just amazing!

  2. Joanne says:

    Love this new spin on DeKooning…

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