Even when you fully zip or button up, it’s easy for a chill to invade the gap between your jacket top and neck — especially if you ride a city bike with drop handlebars.

To seal in body heat and keep the cold at bay, I like the soft, cozy bands of fabric or knitware known variously as gaiters, snoods, cowl scarves — and neck warmers.

As shown in the gallery here, an array of fabric weights and design details delivers comfy warmth while adding a kick of color and texture to your city cycling look.

Click on images below to enlarge:

1. Burberry Check Print Snood, $325 – 100 percent wool in Burberry’s signature black and white print.



2. Turtle Fur Neck Gaiter, $17: Breathable, double-edged stretch polyester microfleece with a brushed surface that captures and retains body heat. Big warmth for a small investment.

3. Black Cherry Cowl Scarf, $25 – Double-edged, soft corduroy reverses from a playful cherry pattern to solid red. Available in Piprobin’s Etsy shop.


4. Fiery Primo Merino Button Cowl, $50 – Hand-knit of variegated red yarn in 100 percent merino wool with olive-colored buttons and buttonholes reinforced with a fluted, crocheted edge. Available in Dilettant’s Etsy shop.

5. Adidas by Stella McCartney Snood, $70 – Cable-knit of acrylic and wool with a polyester and cotton lining. The drawstring lends flexibility in venting and styling.

6. Polar Buff Reversible, $30 – Breathable, wicking and seam-free, this generous band of microfiber backed with microfleece can protect your face and nose in windy or dusty conditions, or you can pull it over your head as a hood beneath your helmet.

5 Responses to mind the gap: keep your neck warm on your ride

  1. Robin Horton says:

    Almost gives a different meaning to “upcycling”!

  2. jamie says:

    which one do you recommend?

    • admin says:

      Jamie: The Turtle Fur neck warmer is a sentimental fave because my kids wore these for winter sports. For technical qualities and versatility, the Buff, which BTW is available in many colors, is a good pick. In addition to Joanne’s comment here, the merino button cowl has been getting some off-line love. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Check your local Army-Navy store; the military calls them neck gaiters or “gator necks.” I see them advertised online for $7.

    I guess you could make your own from a cloth square as well.

  4. LN says:

    Smart Wool Neck Gaitor is one of my most used winter accessories! Available here and elsewhere:

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