Giro Surface Helmet in Black and Beighe HoundstoothNobody would argue with the need for a wider selection of stylish city helmets. That’s why I was happy to see this new entry at the recent Interbike industry trade show. Giro, maker of high-performance road cycling helmets worn by Lance Armstrong, has introduced the Surface line of urban helmets. A clean and simple shell with integrated sun visor takes its cue from skate helmets. Inside, it’s adjustable for stability and comfort, and features channeling, plus six vents. An array of solid colors and prints is offered, but, from a commuter fashion standpoint, the beige and black hounds tooth fabric style shown here fits right in with the tailored and tweedy looks for women this fall. Price: $55


Scene on the Street: Artfully Parked Bike

When I lock up on New York City streets, I sometimes return to discover a novel ride hitched up next to mine. Last Monday’s find was this cruiser, spray-painted gold with a plastic flower-encrusted basket and glitter-flecked handlebar grips. Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised: I’d parked outside the Museum of Modern Art.

Readers: What’s been your favorite street find?

top photo: velojoy

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3 Responses to stylish new helmets for city cycling from giro

  1. Joanne Cole says:

    Feel like this Scene on the Street beauty falls in the Welcome Autumn category. Love that I see MoMA in the background. Keep these beauties coming!

  2. It’s so good looking, I want to wear that helmet even if I’m not on a bike!

  3. [...] My take-away: Ideal urban cycling outerwear is not only warm and wind-resistant, but also sleek and breathable. I like the combination of style and performance in the collection of women’s jackets by Nau, a Portland, Oregon-based maker of sustainable urban and outdoor apparel.  Bonus: The color, tobac, also coordinates well with the new urban helmet from Giro that I featured in a recent post. [...]

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