Wheeee! That’s the sound of velojoy on a fast 5-mile descent from Spooner Summit, the aforementioned really big hill of America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride around Lake Tahoe on Sunday.

The Big Blue vistas are not merely beautiful. They are toss-you-against-a-wall and smack-your-senses-around breathtaking. And they are the AMBBR cyclists’ constant companions on the right-hand side of the clockwise route that straddles California and Nevada. Crick in your neck much?

Enjoy this view from the eastern shore of the lake! Ride wrap-up and century tips to come.

Photo: velojoy

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One Response to a bike frame holds and ambbr is in the books

  1. Peter Wunsch says:

    Electrical tape, like spit on a cut, is the magic elixir. Be sure to always carry black tape in your bag.

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